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Sharp, Kelly

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Jumping Off the Rollercoaster
All marriages have good times and bad and there are always ups and downs in life. But a woman can only hear “God, I wish we’d never gotten married” so many times before she reaches a breaking point. Finally there comes a day when he says one last hateful thing and she decides to make the son of a bitch happy and heads off to talk to the divorce attorney.

After more than two decades of marriage, Beth Morgan decides to finally jump off the rollercoaster of emotionally abusive ups and downs that her husband has inflicted upon her for years and file for divorce. During the next eighteen months, she will have to face the expected, like telling friends and family; deal with the unexpected, like re-entering the dating pool; and decide how to handle the completely unforeseen, like swing clubs and nudist resorts.

Through it all, Beth begins to recognize and appreciate her own value as a woman, independent of anyone else’s words or actions, as she seeks solid ground under her feet. This tale of modern-day marriage and divorce shows that life in America is often not what it seems, especially for those who have spent decades building a life they one day realize they no longer can or wish to live.
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Jumping Off The Rollercoaster
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Kelly Sharp
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Kelly Sharp wants to live in Paris, be 12 pounds lighter and fill her time trying to spend an enormous trust fund. Tragically, she hasn’t accomplished any of these things. Instead, she works full time, loves her kids and partner and writes.


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